Airbnb Hote, How can you rent your property too?

Becoming a host on Airbnb: why and how?

The famous rental platform Airbnb offers to every owner to rent an apartment, a house, a cottage or a studio to other people for the time of a stay. Today, it is difficult to escape from it. What if you also took advantage of the Airbnb platform to rent out your accommodation?

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Why become a host on Airbnb?

You may have already used the Airbnb platform to rent an accommodation during a stay in France or abroad. So why not offer your property for rent?

Renting to get paid

The main advantage of becoming an Airbnb host is to earn money by renting out your accommodation, of course. Depending on the type of rental you offer or its number, you can very well supplement your income or live from your rentals on Airbnb! Of course, the income you generate by renting out your home on such a platform must be declared to the tax authorities. But it is quite possible to increase your income and even make a living from renting out your accommodation online.

Helping others enjoy their vacations

More and more travelers want to discover a country, a region or a city by leaving the "tourist" box. Others don't like hotels or campsites. These vacationers are looking for rental properties to feel at home, quite simply. Renting an apartment or a house is also a more economical solution for many vacationers or families. You don't have to go to the restaurant every day, you live like you are at home in a very different city. As a host, you will also be able to advise your tenants on interesting sites in the area.

A secure platform

It is essential to have confidence in the platform you choose to rent an accommodation. Airbnb and its teams are there to answer the questions of the hosts. But also in case of problems. Share your experiences on the platform, ask for advice from other members... The payment systems are just as secure. In case of a problem, you will easily and quickly get the assistance you need.

You stay in control

By becoming a host on Airbnb, you keep control of your accommodation. You select the dates when you want to offer it for rent. And you set the prices! As a host, you also set the rules (pets allowed or not, smoking or not, etc.). Of course, you are also the one who chooses the arrival and departure times of the accommodation. This flexibility allows you to rent your accommodation whenever you want, without having to deal with intermediaries. The platform also offers an optimal and very simple management of the rented accommodation for the hosts.

Meeting people

If this is not the first reason why more and more people choose to rent their home on Airbnb, it is still important! Indeed, Airbnb hosts discover over time that renting out their accommodation allows them to meet very enriching people. You will meet travelers from very different countries and backgrounds. This is a benefit that you don't necessarily think about when you're first starting out on Airbnb, but that you learn to appreciate over time. Make friends from all over the world! One day, you might be the one to visit them, who knows?

How to become a host on Airbnb?

How to get started with Airbnb and become a host easily? Here are some tips that should help you.


Who can become a host on Airbnb?

Almost anyone can become a host on Airbnb. It is easy and free to register your home on the platform and offer it for rent. Of course, the accommodations you find there are as unique as the people who offer them! It is ordinary people who are behind these interesting offers. You can offer all kinds of accommodation on Airbnb: a house, an apartment, a guest room, a cabin in the woods, an inn...

You can post an ad for your accommodation in almost any country in the world. It is an international platform that is open to people from all over the world. So, if you rent on Airbnb, expect to see foreign tenants interested in your property too!

How to become an Airbnb host?

To become a host, you will have to create an account on the platform, if it is not already done. Then, you create your ad. Think of adding photos of your property to make it more attractive! Think about the framing, the light. Putting an ad online is free. Describe the property as accurately as possible: surface area, number of rooms, services, etc. Then, you will receive the guests after having discussed with them via the platform. Provide them with the minimum necessary to welcome them: cooking equipment, clean sheets and towels, cleaning equipment... And give them the WIFI code. Finally, you receive your money! To benefit from the platform's insurance, it is essential that the payment is made on the platform.

Optimize your chances to rent on Airbnb

If you live in a large city, your home will be competing with many others. Here are some tips to make your ad stand out from the crowd!

Playing on prices

Offer discounts to travelers you have already received. This way, they will be more likely to rent your accommodation again during their next stay. Also adjust your rates according to the seasons and local events. For example, if you rent a chalet in the mountains, the price will be higher in the winter during the school vacations. In low season, lower your rates.

For the first few months, consider "breaking" rental prices to attract your first tenants.

Set your property apart from the rest

Each home has its own advantages and assets to highlight. First, provide good quality photos of your home to help your ad stand out. Select them carefully. The goal is to offer a glimpse of the kitchen, the bedrooms, the bathroom and even the view! Playing with prices will of course make your home stand out from the rest. But comments are also very important. Make sure you give the best possible welcome to the tenants of your property: they will be more inclined to post good comments on your ad!

Using social networks

Today, there is no better way to become an Airbnb host than through social networks. Post your ad in groups that are likely to be interested in it. For example, if there are some great hikes that pass through your town or village, post your listing on groups of hiking enthusiasts. You can also ask your friends and acquaintances to share your ad on social networks to give it more visibility. Finally, be available to answer messages and questions from potential tenants!

Becoming an Airbnb host: what you need to know

By taking advantage of the Airbnb platform, you can publish your ads for free and optimize the rental of your home according to the time of the year. You manage the smallest details of this transaction and can make beautiful meetings. So, get to your keyboards!


Buy an apartment or a house to rent it on Airbnb?

If you are interested in investing and earning money, then it can be very interesting for you to consider buying an apartment or a house, in order to rent the property on a platform like Airbnb afterwards. The last economic crisis has taught us all something: no one is immune to need and overnight it is possible that you will simply lose your main sources of income. This is exactly why more and more French people want to invest in real estate. At a time when we know more and more automated services such as checkouts in stores or jobs related to logistics, it is more than necessary to prepare for the future and select investments that will still be essential in the years to come! If some people prefer to invest in the stock market, others do not prefer to take so many risks because they do not always have the necessary knowledge to be able to earn thousands of euros: they choose other solutions and want to start renting a house or an apartment! It must be said that rent his apartment is a very interesting idea for those who want to earn money:

  • it is a way to ensure a fixed income every month
  • it does not always require a lot of maintenance
  • the money earned by renting your apartment allows you to buy other properties to rent

With the financial crisis, in some French cities, interest rates have fallen by a very impressive amount and no one expected the prices to be so low. But in order to take advantage of this, you still need to know how to get the best prices.

How to get the best loan to buy an apartment or a house?

If you are planning to put a property up for rent or on Airbnb, then you will need to make sure you have a good rate for your home loan first! Indeed, although prices have never been so low, some French people do not always get good rates. In order not to be mistaken, we recommend you to consult this website which will show you all the best opportunities to get the best price. Although some French people have a truly blind trust in their bank, this is not always a good deal: in some cases it is possible to find great opportunities in other banks and you should have absolutely no qualms if you want to go elsewhere!

Indeed, as you will see by doing some calculations, even a tiny difference in the rate of a real estate loan can have a major importance. If you have decided to rent out the house or apartment you have purchased on a platform such as Airbnb, then you should take this information into account. This has a direct impact on the profitability of your homeUnfortunately, you may have to wait years before a house you own is profitable. By using an online broker, it is very simple: he will take care of all the steps with the banks for you, and all you have to do is give him the necessary administrative documents such as salary slips, or all your latest bank statements.

In this way, you can be sure to make the right choice with your broker: some brokers only pay a hundred euros per purchase and therefore you can largely make your real estate purchase profitable. If you want to rent a property on Airbnb, you understand that this is not a trivial matter and that consequently the profits can be very different depending on your previous choices: it is essential to take into account all the requirements of the platform so that you do not end up with a property that no one wants to rent because of its location which does not attract anyone!

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